New Features Coming to Multi-Function Printers Soon

The Division of Information Technology is happy to announce two new features coming soon to all campus multi-function printers (MFPs). The first feature includes improved reliability for Swipe ID cards, allowing for cards to automatically be associated to your SHU account upon creation. The second feature involves new scanning features on the MFPs, allowing for scanning to email and OneDrive.

These features will be rolled out next Wednesday afternoon, October 20, 2021.

Better Support for Swipe ID Cards

Currently Swipe ID cards need to be associated with your SHU credentials the first time the card is used. We understand this can be cumbersome when a new card is created, or you make use of the associating feature for the first time. We are happy to announce that cards for Student and Staff/Faculty ID cards will automatically be associated to your account upon creation beginning October 20. This change will also take effect on currently printed ID cards, so you do not need to request a new ID card to take advantage of the auto association to your account.

Department copy cards and ‘general use’ accounts on campus will not be included in this new feature. While we still support these other card types, IT recommends using personal ID cards to copy and scan for better reliability.

New Scanning Features

Upon logging into an MFP either by typing in your SHU credentials onto the touchpad or swiping your ID card, you will be presented with a third option – “Scan”. This new option will allow you to scan to your SHU email account or to your OneDrive account.

The scan-to-email will auto-fill your SHU email address and allow you to choose different file types to convert the scan to. For scanning documents to an email that is not your SHU email address, please continue to use the scanning features through Device Functions.

The scan-to-OneDrive will allow you to send your scanned document to your SHU personal OneDrive account. The scanned document will securely be sent to a location on your OneDrive that you only have access to. If you need to share the document with others, you can use the features of OneDrive to download, share, and move the scanned file.

Main menu of MFP upon signing in. Displays Print Release, Device functions, and Scan buttons.
The main menu upon logging in to an MFP. The ‘Scan’ button will take you to the new scanning features.

PaperCut offers advanced document processing on documents scanned through these two features. These features include…

  • Remove pixel noise from scans – Preserve document quality by removing compression and noise.
  • Straighten crooked pages – Can straighten crooked scans by up to 45 degrees.
  • OCR Support – Text on documents become searchable with OCR support. This support is extended to English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

To learn more about the new scanning abilities, please refer to our new help pages listed below regarding the scanning features.

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