Accessing Siena Heights University Email

Accessing Email

Students, faculty, and staff can access email through their Siena Heights account on or through the Outlook application on university devices. The Siena Heights community can download the Microsoft programs by visiting, signing in, and visiting the download page available to active community members.

Accessing Emails from Other Apps

Siena Heights University students are able to link their accounts to external applications on desktops and mobile phones. These applications include, but are not limited to: Gmail, Android/iOS mail, Gmail for Web, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook. Instructions for these applications can be found to the right detailing how to link accounts.

When adding your Siena Heights University email account with the links above, you will need to use the following settings:
Password: Your SHU Password
​Server (POP):
Port: 995 OR 993
SSL Enabled/Send via SSL