New hardware upgrades coming soon!

New upgrades

IT is excited to announce an upcoming hardware upgrade of Ledwidge coming this summer 2023. This upgrade is part of IT’s continual commitment to improving the Wi-Fi and virtual environment on campus. This upgrade will include replacing the access points of the 3rd floor residence halls. Upgrades will begin following the end of the Winter 2023 semester and will be completed before the start of the Fall 2023 semester.

What to expect

The student and staff connection to the campus Wi-Fi network will be unchanged. Adrian campus students will continue to sign-in and utilize the SHU-PPSK network to connect personal devices. In addition to this, residence of the Ledwidge building will have the option to connect devices via ethernet connection ports for improved speeds and consistent connections.

The new model of access points providing Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity in Ledwidge residence halls

New units

New units will appear as this in residence rooms. Ports available on side of unit for direct ethernet connection of devices. Residence will need to provide ethernet cords to utilize this connection option.

Having connectivity troubles?

Contact the help desk at 517-264-7655 or via email at to report or troubleshoot any Wi-Fi connectivity concerns.