Account Security & Recovery

Regaining Access to your Account

Reset Password through (Recommended)

Starting summer 2021, password resets can be achieved through When logging in for the first time to, users will be prompted to enter security information to better secure the account. The information provided can then be used in case of a forgotten password or account lock-out. If you have not yet set up security information, or would like more details on this feature, click here to read the announcement and related instructions.

Call the IT Help Desk

If an account has not yet been set up with security information in, the IT Help Desk can assist with password resets and account recovery. We require the owner of the account to be on the line, and cannot accept requests made by someone else. We will need to verify personal information with the owner of the account to verify ownership as well.

Common Reasons for Losing Access to your Account

Forgotten Username or Password

This is the most common case of losing access to an account. Our password policy requires 12 characters with an uppercase, lowercase, number and/or symbol. These passwords are valid for up to six months, and must be reset after the six months are up. We understand that needing to keep track of passwords over time can be difficult, and we can help. We cannot recover your current password, but can reset the password on the account. If you have forgotten your username we can also inform you of you account information over a phone call with our IT Help Desk.

Account Being Compromised or Suspected of Spam

Occasionally accounts can get compromised if they use a weak password or re-use passwords across websites. Hackers and malicious parties online are getting more complex, and have tools to guess low-complexity passwords. If you suspect your account has been compromised, or any other account has been compromised, we recommend resetting your password on all accounts IMMEDIATELY.
If IT notices an account is sending out large amounts of spam over email or other means, we have the right to reset your password and block email communications from the account until it is secured.

As a reminder, IT will NEVER ask you for your password online or offline! Additionally, we recommend using a different password for each website. You can use BitWarden or 1Password to better store and secure your passwords.

Malicious parties often will gain access to an account and attempt to phish other users, either by pretending to be IT or through fraudulent job offers. If your account has been compromised, contact the IT Help Desk immediately to regain access. You will also be enrolled into a phishing course that offers more information on phishing, account security, and the bad actors looking to gain access to your account.

Locked Out from Too Many Attempts

Accounts are automatically locked out for 15-30 minutes after five bad login attempts. Bad login attempts include entering the wrong password. If you need immediate access to your account, we recommend calling the IT Help Desk. If you need immediate access to and have set up security information, you can click the “Forgot password” option from the sign-in screen to regain access to your account.

Transferring from Siena Heights or Graduating

After transferring or graduating from Siena Heights University, we recommend you move any newsletters or account sign-ins to a new email address. You will have 2 years before your SHU email address is removed from our system.

Students who either transfer out of Siena Heights University or have graduated will still have access to their account for 2 years after their last day at the university. After the two years, the account is deactivated alongside the email address. We can grant temporary access to the account for an hour at a time for 90 days after this change takes place.
After the 90 days access cannot be given as the account has been fully terminated and cannot be recovered. If you need to gain access to an account after transferring or graduating, contact our IT Help Desk if you meet the criteria above.