Accessing Academic Databases

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Siena Heights University offers students, faculty, staff, and other community members access to it’s wide range of academic database resources. These resources can be accessed from the internal SHU Library website on the Databases page. Databases can be accessed both on-campus and off-campus as long as you have a Siena Heights University account. The Siena Heights University Library offers access to databases both through our ‘Primo’ search page and the Library Databases page.

Primo Explore – Central Location for Cross-Database Searching

The Primo Explore page allows for searching for articles and information across all database providers available to the SHU community. From this page, enter your search term, either an article title or ISSN, and search based on the type of information you’re looking for.

After searching for a term, relevant results from each database available to Siena Heights will be displayed with the name of the piece and an excerpt. You can generate citations and view more about the information by clicking on each relevant search result.

Optionally, you can sign up for an account on this website to save search results and articles that you find useful. This will allow you to save results and journals for viewing later in your account.

Search results for "database" from the SHU Primo page.
Search results for “database” from the SHU Primo page.

Library Webpage – Resource for Databases and More

The CampusPress website for the SHU Library hosts useful information about academic resources for students and how to access various databases. In the case a specific database needs to be used or is preferred, the Library houses an up-to-date page with resource links. Databases are categorized by primary/generalized and nursing program-specific databases.

Overall, the Library website and database webpage house useful information that cannot be found anywhere else. If further details on resources and academic information are needed, their website is a good place to visit.


If you have questions relating to the above information, feel free to contact either the Library or the IT Help Desk! Both areas have different operating hours, but are available throughout the week to answer questions.