Printing Upgrades Coming August 10

The division of Information Technology is announcing planned maintenance to campus printers and print software starting August 10, 2021. This upgrade will require a few hours of downtime and will include updates to the printing software on all PCs, along with the software of all MFPs on campus. This update will introduce improvements and stability to MobilityPrint and WebPrint, our two printing solutions that offer printing from personal devices and off-campus.

This upgrade will introduce new features to MFP machines and a brand-new online printing portal. This new printing portal will be a central location for students, staff, and faculty to view and manage their printing jobs. It will also include links to MobilityPrint and WebPrint directly from the dashboard once logged in. This will make it easier to find and utilize these resources.

After the upgrade, computers and workstations with high use will need to be updated by a member of IT to ensure printing is uninterrupted. You will also notice that your printers will no longer have “IRIS” in their name, and instead have “HALO-PRINT”. Seeing HALO-PRINT guarantees you are using the updated version of the printers on-campus.

We understand this upgrade comes close to the beginning of the fall semester, and many offices will be arriving back on-campus. This is why we are offering IT assistance to guarantee any workstations currently in use get updates as soon as possible.

This upgrade was very much needed especially after the 2020 year with COVID-19 restrictions. IT noted that frequent issues were had with WebPrint and MobilityPrint throughout the year. Upon further investigation, we found this was mainly due to using a version of PaperCut that was out of date.

On the IT-side of this upgrade, we have spent the last month working to create a new server (HALO-PRINT). This will result in some initial problems as all IRIS printers added to PCs will no longer work after August 10. We understand this is a short notice and may be an issue for Adrian based members of the community. We will do our best to ensure computers get the new SHU-PRINT printer automatically and workstations get updated upon immediate request.

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