Introducing WebPrint – Print from any device on campus

Dear SHU Community,

IT Services is happy to announce a new way to print on campus. WebPrint is now available to all faculty, staff, and students allowing for printing from any web-enabled device on or off campus. This includes personal devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

To start, visit  and log in with your Siena Heights username and password. From here, you will be able to view your print queue and submit new documents to SHU-Print. Below are instructions on the printing process.

Submitting Documents with WebPrint

• Click on the green “Submit a Job” button on the Web Print page.

• Select the number of copies you would like for each submitted document.

• Upload your documents. Multiple documents can be submitted at the same time. Most file types are supported.

• Click the “Upload & Complete” button to submit your documents to the virtual print queue.

Printing Your Documents

• Visit any Multi-function Printer (MFP) on campus to print your document(s).

• Log in with your username and password on the machine’s touchscreen or by using your ID card.

• Select the documents you would like to print from the queue and click the print option.

Attached to this email is a handout featuring more information about WebPrint. Feel free to view the document and try out the new printing solution. If you have any questions, please contact our Help Desk by emailing, or by calling us at 517 264 7655.

Thank you, and happy new semester!

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