Technology Security Training Provided through Infosec, Inc.

In an effort to educate and combat the growing threat of phishing and compromised accounts, IT has enrolled all faculty and staff into an online training platform provided through Infosec IQ. This training will become mandatory as time goes on, so please start as soon as you can.

The training provided to faculty and staff consists of videos and a short quiz. This training should not take any longer than 50 minutes.

This training platform offers educational videos on phishing, spam emails, compromised accounts, password security, and more. Faculty and staff can view training in their Infosec IQ learner dashboard and signing in with their email address and password. If a user is caught in a phishing campaign or their account is compromised, they will be enrolled in further trainings. If a user is compromised more than once, they will be required to view the training material before their account access is restored.

For more information on these policies and the training provided, please reach out to the Help Desk at

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