Microsoft Ending Support for Internet Explorer on

As of August 27, 2021 Microsoft will end support for users accessing using Internet Explorer. This change comes as Microsoft plans to gradually remove support for the outdated web browser. A list of available Microsoft online products and their end of support for IE can be viewed here. After August 27, accessing through Internet Explorer will not work and result in an error message.

Microsoft officially recommends using Microsoft Edge in replacement of Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge offers a compatibility mode where it emulates Internet Explorer in a modern web browser. Edge and other modern browsers better protect you in the ever-evolving online world and offer many other benefits.

Internet Explorer will be completely discontinued starting June 15, 2022 and Siena Heights University will stop supporting the web browser at this time. Siena Heights officially recommends the use of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome to browse the internet securely and efficiently. If you have any questions regarding web browsing or the changes in support for Internet Explorer, please reach out to our IT Help Desk.

For more information and a FAQ regarding the discontinuation of Internet Explorer next year, view this article published by Microsoft.

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