Print & Mailing

Project Timelines for Completion
(Including planning, content generation, design, proofing & production)

  • Ad for print (newspaper/magazine, etc.)—-15 days
  • Banner (vinyl, large format)—-40 days
  • Brochure/flyer (multi-page)—-40 days
  • Certificates—-15 days
  • Forms (8 1/2 x 11)—-25 days
  • Invitation package (Invitation, envelope, reply envelope, map card, etc.)—-30 days
    *May require additional time for special-order papers, die-cuts, foil, embossing, very high quantities
  • Newsletter (8-1/2×11, 4 page)—-30 days
  • Postcards (6,000 or less)—-20 days
  • Postcards (more than 6,000)—-25 days
  • Poster (any size)—-20 days
  • Larger scale pieces (catalogs, viewbooks, etc.)—-40–50 days

Printing at the Motherhouse
We use the Adrian Dominican Sisters Motherhouse print shop, which does outstanding work at a fraction of the cost of outside vendors. The Motherhouse has a limit of 500 11×17 sheets (1000 8.5×11). If you need more than the limit we are happy to request quotes from local vendors. Please allow the Motherhouse a minimum of 5 business days to complete your order. Ten business days for larger jobs.

The largest size the Motherhouse can do is 13 X 19 inches. The prices vary paper stock used and size of print.  There are no price breaks for number of copies.

NOTE: All Motherhouse print requests MUST go through our office. They will not accept projects from anyone but a member of our office staff.

Photo Gallery (
We have a large archive of photos available for your use on our Zenfolio web album. Photos can be browsed and downloaded at:

Stock Photos Subscription (
Marketing has credits with In the event that a proper photo cannot be produced by our staff or because of time constraints we will use stock photos.

Letterhead and Envelopes
To order letterhead and/or envelopes visit “Business Affairs” in the “Departments and Offices” tab on MySiena. Then on left select “Accounts Payable Forms”. A number of other office supplies can also be ordered here.

Business Cards
For instructions on ordering business cards visit “Marketing Department” on MySiena. A PDF instruction file can be found under documents.

Mailing Guidelines
Bulk Mailing (<200)
We would prefer if bulk mailings are done through an outside vendor.
Here are some reasons:

  • Labeled mailing projects may not meet the automated reader standards and take longer for delivery.
  • Labeled mailing projects from CARS have not properly met NCOA certification required by USPS. This must be done by mailing vendor. If this process is not done properly the SHU can face fines by USPS. Plus, large return mail charges can be incurred for mailings that are not address cleaned.
  • Bulk, non-profit, labeled mailing projects that are not properly zip sorted will result in extra production costs by vendor, or pay full first class rates.

In summary, any bulk mailing project should be handled through SHU’s mail vendor by providing a mailing list from CARS. This way the mailing can happen the fastest and most economical ways possible.