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Web Site Project Requests
Human Element is the company contracted to manage and build the University’s public web site, sienaheights.edu with supervision from this office. This site’s primary purpose is to serve as a marketing tool for outside audiences (prospective students, parents, alumni, donors, etc.).

Because of that focus, content is carefully managed by the marketing office. Web project requests should be sent to Doug Goodnough at dgoodnou@sienaheights.edu. Most minor changes/updates can be made within a few days or sooner, however, larger projects will take longer.

Daily Announcements
SHU Daily Announcements are compiled by the Office of Marketing and Communications and are usually sent between 9-11 a.m. each morning Monday-Friday. Other than for emergency or other special announcements, no other “broadcast” emails will be sent
during the day.

To have a university-related event, activity or news item included in this listing, please email dgoodnou@sienaheights.edu or submit your request here. No pictures, graphics or other artwork will be included in these announcements, so please send text information only.

Digital TV Displays Submission Guidelines
These digital message boards are maintained and updated by the marketing office for content and graphic consistency. Those who want to publicize University events or activities should email submissions to dgoodnou@sienaheights.edu by 5 p.m. Friday each

Give plenty of lead time for your event/activity! Submissions will be approved on a case-by-case basis, factoring in things like timeliness and campus impact. Display banners will be designed by the marketing office only; please submit only artwork (in jpg form, please) and no more than 10-12 words of text content.

MySiena is the University’s internal web site that allows faculty/staff/students the ability to manage an internal department/office page as well as create and post content themselves. Many areas have already been established, and we encourage faculty and staff to create and manage these pages as way to share information with their particular groups. Tutorials can be found on our MySiena Tutorials YouTube Playlist.

Also, the Office of Information Technology is now offering faculty and staff and departmental pages through Weebly that will serve as internal replacements for MySiena areas. The IT office can help get these pages created and set up for you.

NOTE: These MySiena or Weebly pages should not be designed to mirror content found on the www.sienaheights.edu site.

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