Photo & Video

Photography Requests
We have a full-time photographer on staff and do take photo requests for events and other activities on campus. Please make request at least two weeks in advance of your event/activity. For requests fill our our project request form:

Photo Gallery (
We have a large archive of photos available for your use on our Zenfolio web album. Photos can be browsed and downloaded at:

Stock Photos Subscription (
Marketing has credits with In the event that a proper photo cannot be produced by our staff or because of time constraints we will use stock photos.

Faculty Video Profiles
These video profiles allow our full-time faculty to sell their programs 24/7 and have become a very useful marketing tool for our academic programs. We encourage all full-time faculty members to create/update these profiles.

If you already have a profile, please check and see if yours needs to be updated. These videos are usually 2-3 minutes in length and allows the faculty member the opportunity to talk about themselves, their program or their experience at Siena Heights. Basically, their “elevator speech.”

It usually takes only about 15 minutes to complete, however, we would ask that you would try to schedule a “shoot” in advance. To set up a photo/video profile appointment, please visit:

Digital TV Displays Submission Guidelines
These digital message boards are maintained and updated by the marketing office for content and graphic consistency. Those who want to publicize University events or activities should email submissions to by 5 p.m. Friday each week.

Give plenty of lead time for your event/activity! Submissions will be approved on a case-by-case basis, factoring in things like timeliness and campus impact. Display banners will be designed by the marketing office only; please submit only artwork (in jpg form, please) and no more than 10-12 words of text content.