Hold Information and Delinquent Accounts

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Currently holds are placed on accounts that are not paid in full!  Financial holds should not restrict students from normal classroom accessibility.  Click on the + box next to the hold code to see if you are restricted from registration, transcripts or grades.  Account balances are expected to be paid to zero each session.  Your account must be paid in full to allow transcripts, registration or the release of diplomas.  Please check your account history online to see your balance due or to find estimated refunds. Accounts past due over 90 days risk collection action. Accounts paid in full to a collection agency may take 7 to 10 business days to release.

Hold Codes that require your attention REGISTRATION RESTRICTED:

BU01          Due to a balance left unpaid for the current session.

BU0A          Due to a previous balance from a previous session.

Hold Codes that require your attention REGISTRATION ALLOWED:

BUST          Due to the balance on account is less > than $500 and allows registration for the next session

Hold Codes that are identifying your account is in good standing:

BU02          Due to pending financial aid for this session(Hold will release upon posting of aid)

BU03          Due to pending payment from an outside source(Hold will release upon posting of payment)

BUPP          Due to pending Transact payment plan

*Transcript requests during these hold periods may be coordinated on an individual basis, through our office. Contact us at: studentaccounts@sienaheights.edu or 517-264-7110