Meet the Fall 2022 Peer Mentors – Siena Heights University First Year Experience

FYE Peer Mentors 2022

FYE Peer Mentors are undergraduate students who work with FYE Instructors to aid in a students transition to college, create connections in and out of the classroom and provide foundations that will help our first-year students to be successful.  

Peer Mentors serve as role models, while providing guidance and leadership for a group of first-year students in a specified LAS100: First Year Experience section. Peer Mentors are responsible for helping to make their groups’ First Year Experience meaningful, fun, and informational by facilitating intentional conversations in the classroom and positive, social interactions outside of the classroom.

Peer Mentors are required to take a Leadership Course during the Winter semester to learn more about honing their leadership skills and how best to support first-year students.  

Kylie Bosak

Maddie Hawk

Elizabeth Heintz

Lexi Holtz

Brenna Nurenberg

Mercedes Starr

Philip Starr