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Welcome to the First Year Experience website

First-Year Experience, or FYE, is a required course for all incoming freshmen.  Most institutions have some sort of FYE, though the nature of the course varies greatly.  The goal is to help our new students feel connected to their campus and prepare them for student life.  The First-Year Experience Program is committed to supporting the successful academic and social transition of new students into the Siena Heights University and Adrian community.

Your first year is full of new experiences, new people, and new concepts. This can be overwhelming! We want to help you manage that.  But it is a two-way street, and you will need to play a part in your transition as well.  Learning to be a self-advocate is a crucial part of the college experience.  You must, as author and activist Adrienne Rich said, “claim your education”.  And always remember–we are a family here at SHU!  

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn about Siena Heights University academic expectations, policies and procedures.   
  • Become academically and socially integrated into the Siena Heights University academic community.  
  • Develop interdependence.  
  • Improve study and learning skills.   
  • Self-Advocate for your own education.  
  • Improve critical thinking and reflection. 
  • Explore career options.  

LAS100 is a one-credit hour course to be taken during the first semester at SHU.  
Students will receive personal guidance and support from their Instructor and Peer Mentor.

Useful Links & Information

Canvas Support for Students: 1-877-703-3906
Canvas Support for Faculty: 1-833-261-5314
IT Help Desk: 517-264-7655

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Email: jcassell@sienaheights.edu

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