SPARC – Office of Student Engagement

Student Programming And Recreation Committee

SPARC plans fun and exciting events on campus. SPARC works in collaboration with Student Government, the Engagement Office, the Administration, and other campus organizations. SPARC was developed to create lifelong memories for students through campus activities.

To learn more about SPARC, contact one of our members, e-mail us at or visit us on the second floor of the University Center in The Hub! Also, follow @shusparc on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for information about upcoming events.

SPARC E-Board applications are now open! If you are interested in planning and organizing events on campus fill out the application below.

Stay in touch and updated

Office: Second Floor University Center, HUB, Office
​Instagram: @shusparc
Facebook: Siena Saint



Upcoming Events

What does each member do?


This individual would be the point person for all SPARC activities. They will oversee all operations/events put on by SPARC. This person will demonstrate the ability to lead large groups and run the General Assembly meetings. The president is also responsible for working closely with the advisor and oversee all aspects of the organization.
-Prepare agendas for both E-Board and general assembly meetings
-Represent SPARC at university functions
-Meets with an advisor weekly
-Demonstrate servant leadership attitude
-Support all members of E-Board
-Assist in the creation of pre & post programming forms
-Attends all SPARC meetings & events

Vice- President of Business and Finance

This individual works with the SPARC budget and the contracts associated with vendors and performers. They must demonstrate the ability to calculate prices, maintain an accurate portrayal of the budget, and organize contracts with vendors appropriately. The VP of Business and Finance also works very closely with the advisors for budget details and approval.
-Maintain contracts and communications with outside vendors
-Track ongoing budget & provide monthly updates
-Plan and present annual budget report at summer retreat
-Assist advisor in submitting invoices and preparing check requests
-Participate in Block Booking Meetings at the NACA Conference
-Attends all SPARC meetings and events

Vice-President of Programming

This individual would ensure the organization and readiness of upcoming events. This individual must have good communication skills and demonstrate the ability to be organized. They would work very closely with the VPs of Marketing and Member Engagement to ensure coordination of services.
-Responsible for creation of pre-programming forms and ensure that details are covered
for upcoming events
-Responsible for creation of post-programming forms and ensure that proper reflection and
debriefing takes place
-Maintain binder of pre & post programming forms in office
-Ensure details of each program are being addressed and accounted for
-Take notes at SPARC meetings
-Attends all SPARC meetings and events

Vice- President of Marketing and Promotion

This individual would be the one in charge of getting the word spread about events and other activities put on by SPARC. They would do so by using a variety of mediums, such as flyers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They would need to demonstrate a level of understanding on how to create “buzz” and increase participation/attendance at events
-Develop a specific marketing strategy for each program to be implemented at least 2 weeks prior to the event
-Maintain social media presence i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat
-Use creative ideas to market in addition to flyers, handouts, posters, etc.
-Communicating upcoming events to the SHU Community
-Serve as a liaison to the SHU marketing office
-Attends all SPARC meetings and events

Vice-President of Member Engagement

This individual would be in charge of maintaining positive relations with members of SPARC and reaching out to those not yet involved. Good communication and people skills are required. This E-Board position will help create positive relationships with Core Team members and the student body as a whole.-Welcome new members of SPARC
-Send out email correspondence to students who have expressed interest in being involved
-Poll members formally & informally to understand their perspective
-Recruit and support students who are interested in serving on the Core Team
-Attends all SPARC meetings and events

Core Team

They are the student voice for the E-Board. They are there to help make decisions on what students want on campus for events, novelty items, and are the eyes and ears in what students want.

SPARC Executive Board

Currently hosting elections for Fall 2023