Summer Scholars Program

What is the Summer Scholars Program?

Each summer, Student Support Services invites up to 30 motivated incoming first-year students to Siena Heights to adjust to the college environment before classes start in the fall semester. The Summer Scholars Program is an intensive bridge program that teaches students important academic and social skills to help them maximize their success at Siena Heights. When the fall semester starts, they have already gained a significant advantage in adjusting to the challenges that all students will face. Students who participate in the Summer Scholars Program will complete the first part of the three-part Student Support Services first-year-program designed to provide an introduction to college, a smooth transition to campus, and build community.

Why should I attend the Summer Scholars Program as an incoming first-year student?

Earn 2-credit academic course, and is FREE for participants. Students can essentially start the fall semester with credits under their belt! Courses in learning strategies, academic writing, financial literacy and life design will help prepare students to contribute in the college environment and excel inside and outside of the classroom.

Dynamic programming and events are incorporated into a holistic experience.  When we aren’t learning about helpful topics in the classroom, we are engaging in thoughtful discussion and experiencing new things. Countless activities and field-trips help us learn about ourselves, each-other, and the world around us; all critical pieces of knowledge necessary for success in college!

Build community and get comfortable on campus. The Summer Scholars program is a great time to meet new people in a smaller group and familiarize yourself with the Siena Heights campus. Throughout the program we will learn about campus, all of the resources available to you, and get to know one another.

Complete the first of a three-part, year long first year experience! As a participant in the Summer Scholars program, you will complete the introduction to the first year of your college experience. Join us!  

Student Support Services Mentor Program

‚ÄčAs an Summer Scholars participant, you’ll be matched with a mentor soon after arriving for the program. Your mentor will be an upper-class student who has been where you are and have successfully transitioned from high school to college. They will be a resource, a guide and a friend throughout the summer, and throughout your entire first year at Siena Heights. Your mentor will meet with you regularly, take you to fun campus events, answer questions, and connect you to resources. Later in the year, you will be invited to come to events hosted by the mentors,  and attend social and educational workshops that help prepare you for the rest of your collegiate journey at Siena Heights University.

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