First Year Programs

First Year Programs in Student Support Services

Introduction | Transition | Community

SSS strives to provide dynamic and impactful support to students through a multitude of resources, events, and workshops throughout each academic year. Students at every point in their journey at Siena Heights have access to all of the resources SSS provides.

​First-Year students who choose Siena Heights have the unique opportunity to participate in a year long program dedicated to their development as students, leaders and people. The First Year Program encompasses 3 critical chapters of a students introduction and transition to college and provides opportunities for community building that solidify support systems that students will use as they achieve their academic, personal and professional goals. Take a look at each part of the program below and see how incoming and current first-year students can get involved with student support services.


Each summer, Student Support Services invites up to 30 motivated incoming first-year students to Siena Heights to adjust to the college environment before classes start in the fall semester. The Summer Scholars Program is an intensive bridge program that teaches students important academic and social skills to help them maximize their success at Siena Heights. When the fall semester starts, they have already gained a significant advantage in adjusting to the challenges that all students will face.


As students enroll in courses and come to Siena Heights for their first semester, Student Support Services is committed to supporting their transition to the University environment. Through one-one-one peer mentor support, first-year students have a trusted student relationship and a friend who knows their way around campus, where to get answers to questions and how to navigate challenges that arise in any first-year students life. In addition, students have constant access to their professional success coach/academic advisor who can help them set goals, create success plans and come alongside them every step of the way.


With one semester under their belts, Student Support Services continues to support students through peer and professional mentoring and support while focusing on community development. Through peer planned events and workshops, first-year students join upper-class students in opportunities to engage with each other and the world around them as they build connections and discern what the rest of their collegiate journey will look like. Students who complete the first year program will have an action plan for success as they move into their second year on campus and be presented with opportunities to get involved on campus and welcome the next class of Student Support Services students to college.