Harlem Renaissance Project

Hero Background 5


If you have difficulty, please take the tutorials. If you still struggle, email me and I will assist you. Do not wait until the last week to learn how to do this. gryder@sienaheights.edu

Directions: Create a multimedia presentation on your chosen topic. Here, I have used Weebly, but you may choose another platform. I have several links in Webliography so you have options. Following the schedule on your course site, you should select a topic related to the Harlem Renaissance and collect key elements that illuminate your topic. These key elements may include any or all of the following:

  • maps
  • historical timelines
  • periodicals/newspaper articles
  • poems
  • short stories
  • plays
  • photographs
  • paintings
  • videos
  • essays
  • letters

Like a museum exhibition, your collection should be organized in a way that tells the story of your topic. This may require a few well placed transitions in the form of headings, captions or text boxes with quotes. In addition to the various key elements you have gathered and arranged, you will offer at least two questions for reflection which you then answer in your 2-page written document. You will also supply a APA formatted reference listing for your key elements. These items will also appear on your Weebly site and be submitted to the dropbox on our course site. 

Here I have taken one of my lectures and created a Weebly site as a way of demonstrating how you might go about this project. However, I urge you to use your creativity. Demonstrate your deep interest in the topic you have chosen and show us what you have learned. 

During week 8, in the discussion area, you will post a link to your project, so that the class can enjoy it.