Service Animal – Office of Accessibility

Service Animal Rights and Responsibilities


  • Is responsible to attend to and be in full control of the service animal at all times. While not required, the owner is recommended to have a harness, leash, or other tether (identifying as a SA or ESA) unless a) the owner is unable to use a harness, leash or tether, or b) using a harness, leash, or tether will interfere with the animal’s ability to safely and effectively perform its duties.
  • Is responsible for the costs of care necessary for a service animal’s well-being. The arrangements and responsibilities with the care of a service animal is the sole responsibility of the owner at all times, including regular bathing and grooming, as needed.
  • Is responsible for independently removing or arranging for the removal of the service animal’s waste.
  • Is responsible for complying with local and state licensing laws for animal rights and owner. responsibilities. Service animals should be current with immunizations and wear a rabies vaccination tag.
  • Is responsible for paying for any damage to University property caused by the animal.
  • Animals must leave campus with the student anytime the student leaves overnight.
  • The University may prohibit the use of service animals in certain locations due to health and safety restrictions or places where the animal might be in danger.

University Community:

  • Must allow service animals to accompany their owners at all times and everywhere on campus where the general public (if accompanying a visitor) or other students (if accompanying a student) are allowed, except for places where there is a health, environmental, or safety hazard. The appropriate way the Office of Accessibility ascertains that an animal is a service animal is to ask two questions:
    • Is the Service Animal required because of a disability?
    • What work or task is the dog trained to perform?
  • Do not ask questions about the disability.
  • Do not pet or feed a service animal.
  • Do not attempt to separate the animal from the owner.
  • Do not startle or tease a service animal.
  • Contact the Office of Accessibility if faculty/staff have any additional questions regarding visitors to campus who have service animals.
  • The University refrains from charging a fee for the service animal to reside in the residence halls and on campus apartments, but may assess usual fees for any damages incurred.
  • Report any service animals who misbehave or any owners (or other individuals) who mistreat their service animals to the Department of Public Safety and Office of Accessibility.

Office of Accessibility:

  • Is responsible for developing the necessary procedures for the University and facilitating the use of service animals by students on campus.
  • Assists owners and the University community when questions or concerns arise relating to service animals on campus and seeks legal advice when necessary.