Internships and Experiential Learning

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  • Benefits & Red Flags to an Internship
  • Checklist for Landing an Internship
  • Finding an Internship
  • Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Internship
  • Alternative Ways to Gain Valuable Work Experience
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Steps to a Successful Internship 

You’re not just looking for a job – you’re ready to apply your classroom knowledge to a real world experience.

Step One: Speak with Academic Advisors/Faculty Advisors.
Students interested in experiential learning opportunities should first speak with academic and faculty advisors to determine where an internship experience best fits in a degree plan.  Faculty coordinators are also great resources to discuss industry specific skills and help identify potential sites.

Major Specific Faculty Coordinators for Internships:

  • Accounting – Wendy LeBeau
  • Biology/Sustainability – Jun Tsuji
  • Business – Matt Ripper
  • Communications – Callie Clare
  • Computer Information Systems – Melissa Tsuji
  • Criminal Justice – Jon Kleinow
  • Engineering – Melissa Tsuji
  • Environmental Science – Jun Tsuji
  • Graphic Design – Mad Kro
  • Psychology – Patricia Rousselo
  • Social Work – Elizabeth Davis
  • Sport Management – Mary Beth Leibold

All other majors should schedule a meeting with Melissa Tsuji to discuss internship plans. Schedule an appointment with Melissa at ​

Step Two: Develop a winning resume. 
Meet with Career Services staff to create and refine the perfect document.  Students applying for internships should have a Siena Heights endorsed resume prior to applying and interviewing for internships.

Step Three: Research the organization or company. 

Step Four:  Apply and practice.
Apply per the instructions on the position posting. Schedule a practice interview with Career Services.

Step Five: Nail the interview!

Step Six: Schedule and transcript credit.
Meet with faculty to arrange credit for internship experience. 

​Step Seven: Start the experience!

Steps to a Successful Internship/Experience

Are you ready to apply your classroom knowledge to a real-world experience?

Step 1:

Speak with Academic Advisors and Faculty Advisors

Students interested in experiential learning opportunities should first speak with their academic and faculty advisors to determine where an internship best fits in their degree plan.

Step 2:

Speak with your Academic Program’s Faculty Coordinator for Experiential Learning

The faculty coordinator is a great resource for discussing the industry-specific skills needed in order to be successful in an experience, and to help identify potential organizations/companies.

Step 3:

Research the Organization or Company

Just like a job hunt, you want to learn as much about the entity before you consider them for an internship. Mission Statements, History, Stances, Type of Work… You want to be familiar and comfortable with the organization or company in order to consider them.

Step 4:

Develop a Winning Resume

Meet with Career Services to create/refine your application materials. Students applying for experiences that count toward academic credit should have their resume approved by SHU Career Services before applying.

Step 5:

Apply and Practice

Follow the specific guidance from the organization/company when applying for an experience. It’s also important to schedule a practice interview with Career Services to sharpen your skills before the real deal!

Step 6:

Nail the Interview!

Make sure to bring your best self to the table as you present yourself/learn more during the interview. If you are in need of professional clothes, contact Career Services to visit our clothing closet: Suits for Saints!

Step 7:

Register for the Course/Apply for the Experience in Handshake

If you’re offered the position and you intend to use it for credit, reach back out to your faculty coordinator to register for the respective internship course. You will also need to complete the application process for the experience on Handshake!

Step 8:

Start the Experience!

Once you are registered for the class and your Handshake application has been approved, you are ready to begin your experience! Be on the lookout for emails from us via Handshake for midterm and final evaluations!