Poster Presentations 2022

Photo of the front of the Siena Heights University Fieldhouse

Academic research posters can be viewed at the Siena Heights University Fieldhouse.


Kristin Delclos, Monitoring Activity Patterns of Two Species of Tree-living Squirrels (Sciuridae) using Camera Traps

Elizabeth Collins, The Effect of Daily Baths on Cattle Hair Growth, Weight Gain, Number of Insects on the Body, and Overall Body Temperature

Meghan Hall, Different Food Sources and their Effect on Learning Rate in Harvester Ants

Caleb Meister, Measuring the Effects of Different Music Types on Viroflay Spinach (Spinacia oleracea)

Genesis Pena, Effects of Caffeine Consumption in Adolescents

Katelynn Willmore, Monitoring Activity Patterns of Fox Squirrels (Sciurus niger) Using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tagging


John Applebee (Senior), Computational Studies of Dicarbocyanine Derivatives for Photodynamic Therapy Application

Collin Bammer (Senior), Using Different Procedures to Optimize the Synthesis of Dibenzalacetone

Kiran Ghotra, Detection of Photoreceptor Bistability and Monostability: An Assay

Janel Ruhlman (Senior), Different Procedures to Optimize the Synthesis of Dibenzalacetone

TJ Werner (Senior), Evaluating Experimental Procedures to Synthesize Benzalacetone


Language Arts Program

Mackenzie Berndt, How Can Active Listening Strategies Improve Literacy in an Elementary Classroom?

Courtney Carter, Music in a Language Arts Classroom

Megan Green, How Effectively Differentiating Instruction Can Influence Engagement in Emergent Readers

Katie Hephner, The Importance of Family Involvement in a Child’s Literacy Learning Experience

Kenadee Marry, Integrating Language Arts into Content Areas

Emily Nelson, Allowing Student-Selected Texts in Schools

Bridget Sacca, What is Reading Like in Underdeveloped Countries?

Tucker Stover, How Does Technology Impact Student Literacy in the Classroom?


Madison Knapp, Mallory Gardocki, &: Mackinzie Brown: Community Assessment: Gestational Diabetes

Claire Beaudoin, Lauren Southworth, & Courtney Dolkowski: Adolescent Risk Behaviors in Lenawee County

Lauren Girson, & Baleigh Irelan: Cardiovascular Health: Obesity and Smoking

Larisa Antaya: Community Assessment: Adolescent Homelessness and Risk Taking Behaviors

Kaylee Scudder, & Cassidy Williams: Emerging Adults: Ages 18-24

Megan Adriaens, Shelby Morrow, & Alyssa Marshall: Lead Poisoning

Morgan Gardner, & Chelsea Kovach: Obesity in Middle-Age Females

Kate Seale, RN: Improving Unit Culture Through Transformational Leadership

Shannon Scott, RN: Education and Mentoring on our Frontlines


Anderson, Autumn:  The Quality and Quantity of Sleep on College Students’ Academic Performance

Dean, Molly:   The Effects of Oral Contraceptives on Women’s Mental Health

Duffy, Colin:   Effect Music has on Short High-Intensity Exercise

Elliott, Chad:  Importance of Psychological Health in Optimal Athletic Performance

Forlano, Melissa:  Parental Involvement in their Teenagers’ Social Media Usage

Guerra, Lilianna:  Motivating Students with Core Components from the PBIS Classroom Management Model

Herrera, Madely:  If Social Workers Perceive a Benefit from Treatment with the Use of Medication

Lipinski, Skyler:  The Effects of Traumatic-Related Disorders

Lopez, Alyssa:  The Psychological Effects of Arts in College Students

Martindale, Seryna:  Effects of Animals on College-Age Students’ Stress Levels

Martinez, Jennifer:  Relationship Between Stress and Physical Illness in College Athletes

McGrath, Kelly:  Examining the Effects of Social Media on College Students’ Mental Health

Robertson, Alexander:  Love Styles, Homophily, and Their Effects on Partner Selection

Magali Romero Caballero, Nathalia:  Examination of Stress and Satisfaction among Student-Athletes

Schmus, Reagan:  The Psychological Effects of Loss and Grief in College-Age Students

Wright, Breanna:  Importance of Campus Climate for Transgender Student Success

Social Work

Lauren Brooks: Identifying the Impacts of Arrest Rates Among Individuals with Mental Illness

Paige Cremeans: Examining Long-Term Foster Care and Its Impacts on Parent Reunification

Esperanza DeRoche: Examining the Long-Term Effects of Human Trafficking on Its Victims: A Social Work Perspective

Raven Flores: Improving the Overall Health of Substance Users: Identifying Strategies for Social Work Practitioners 

Hannah Halsey: Aging Out of Foster Care and Its Impact on Youth

Olivia Kumke: Examining the Medical Home Model for Children in Foster Care

Tyler Kurowicki: Homeless LGBTQIA+ Youth and the Impact of Survival Sex

Anastasia Rousseau: The Challenges and Barriers To Treating Substance Abuse Disorders In Adolescents

Grant Vermilya: What Impact Does Permanent and Supportive Housing Have on the Criminalization of Homelessness?