Scholarship Symposium 2022

Scholarship Symposium: Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The annual Scholarship Symposium is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20. SHU President Sister Peg Albert will provide the welcome, followed by a keynot speaker. After the keynote address, attendees are invited to view student research presentations around campus (see schedule below), student research posters in the Fieldhouse (from 10:30-1:30), and remote student presentations on the Symposium’s Canvas site. As a quick reminder, classes have traditionally been canceled on Symposium day, so the university asks that instructors please not conduct class April 20 so that students can attend the Symposium. 


9:00 AM


Opening remarks:     Dr. Ian Bell, Assistant Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences – SHU; Sr. Peg Albert, Ph.D., OP, President, Siena Heights University

Keynote address:     Dr. Rob Deemer, Professor and Head of Composition at the State University of New York of Fredonia         

                                                      “Transforming Accidental Adventures into Intentional Callings”

Remainder of the Day

View Virtual Presentations and Provide Feedback to our Scholars!

See Canvas Homepage for schedule updates and times of live student presentations. (See Quick Links on the bottom of this page for MySiena link.)

The Scholarship Symposium is an annual event where students who choose to participate present their scholarly work. In the past, It has highlighted the research students have conducted as part of their coursework work via posters, papers, live presentations, or in recorded audio/video form. It provides an opportunity for students to live out the university mission by sharing the fruits of their learning with the community. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it will take place remotely.

In order to provide access to student presentations, all members of the Siena community will be “enrolled” in a course on Canvas. Even though a “new” Canvas course entitled “Scholarship Symposium” will appear on your dashboard, this is not a new class; it is simply the means by which everyone can access the exciting research in which SHU’s students are engaged. At the conclusion of the event, everyone will be unenrolled from the course and it will no longer appear on the Canvas dashboard. All members of the Siena community are invited to attend. Attendees will have the opportunity throughout the day to log in to the website, view recorded presentations, and engage the presenters in threaded discussion.