Housing and Meal Plan Accommodations / ESAs

Housing and Dining Accommodations are available when a students has a medical diagnosis and it is determined an adjustment to their housing or dining experience needs modified.  Accommodations can include air conditioning, meal plan modifications, room location, or room type.  All requests for Housing and Dining Accommodations begins with the Office of Accessibility.  Once the Office of Accessibility receives all the necessary documentation for an accommodation, the information is presented to the Housing Accommodations Committee.  The student will then be offered a reasonable accommodation.  For the complete process and forms, please see the Office of Accessibility’s website here click HERE

Additionally, the University recognizes need for “Emotional Support Animals” (ESAs) on campus. For more information regarding bringing an ESA to campus, please reach out to the Office of Accessibility at (517) 264-7683. The policy along with the forms can also be found HERE