MAT345 Linear Algebra – Math


This course covers a complete introduction to the subject of Linear Algebra at the university level.  It is intended for the math and science student who has completed one or two semesters of calculus and serves as a transition into higher mathematics.  To that end the student will construct and write up rigorous proofs as we move through the class.  As with all of our SHU math courses, liberal use will be made of technology to speed and enhance our learning.  Our topics include

  • Review of linear equations, matrices and matrix operations
  • Row reduction and echelon forms
  • Vectors, vector equations, and matrix equations
  • Linear independence, linear transformations
  • Determinants and invertible matrices
  • Vector spaces, subspaces, dimension, rank, column spaces, and null spaces
  • Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, eigenspaces, characteristic equations
  • Orthogonality

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