MAT182 Calculus II – Math


We begin with a review of Calc I, concentrating on integration and area concepts, and quickly cover/review integration by substitution.  We then take up applications of the simple integrals – area between curves, volumes, and average value.  This is followed by the standard treatment of techniques of integration, and then further applications including arc length, surface area and topics in economics and physics.  We then cover parametric and polar equations, and wrap up with sequences and infinite series, including all of the convergence tests, and Taylor and Maclaurin series representations of differentiable functions.  If time permits we introduce simple differential equations.  At present we use Thomas’s Calculus 14e, and cover chapters 6, 7, 8, 10, and 11, and chapter 9 if time permits.  As with all of our SHU math courses, we use graphing calculators and other technology to enhance and enrich our presentation.  A sample syllabus can be viewed here.