MAT102 College Algebra – Math


MAT 102 will provide a core of mathematics knowledge and skills that will prepare students for further college level mathematics: understanding and applying principles for solving equations; representations of functions in verbal, symbolic, numeric, and graphic forms; properties of functions; and applying functions in modeling real-world problems. Technology tools will enable exploration of ideas and provide several approaches for problem solving. This course is an opportunity for you to obtain a solid background in doing mathematics in the fundamental areas of arithmetic, algebra, and data analysis.  Problems will be approached from numeric, symbolic, and graphical perspectives [Liberal Arts Outcome 1].  Writing, graphing calculators and other forms of technology will be essential tools for conducting explorations and reporting the results effectively [Liberal Arts Outcomes 5 and 6].  You will be learning in small groups, as a whole class, and individually.  The overall goal is to enable you to construct a connected network of mathematical ideas and problem solving procedures that makes sense to you.

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