MAT 292 Multivarible Calculus

Overview: This course covers calculus topics in more than just the two dimensional plane.  These include basic differential equations, parametric and polar equations, 3 dimensional geometry, partial differentiation, multiple integrals, and vector calculus.
Topics covered in this course will include:

Unit 1 – Separable Differential Equations, Direction Fields and Euler’s Method, Parametric and Polar Equations with areas and arc lengths

Unit 2 – Equations for Lines and Planes in 3-D, Dot and Cross Product with applications, Derivatives of Vector-valued functions with arc length

Unit 3 – Partial Derivatives with applications, Directional Derivatives, LaGrange Multipliers with Applications

Unit 4 – Double and Iterated Integrals with applications of surface area, Triple Integrals with applications of Volume

Unit 5 – Vector Fields, Line Integrals, including the Fundamental Theorem for Line Integrals, Green’s Theorem

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