MAT 104 Making Sense Of Data

Hero Background 5
Overview: Technology will be used as a tool in the process of collecting, analyzing, representing, and communicating numerical information.  Concepts and procedures will include statistical sampling methods, structured methods of organizing data, numerical analysis of data, including tendency and variability, graphical representation of data, and construction of summary reports, both oral and written.

The course gives the students an introduction to the use of the TI-Nspire graphing calculator to collect, describe, and represent data in ways that make sense so that they can communicate what they have learned to others.  Activities and labs will be completed through independent and small group work.  Oral reports in class, as well as written reports, will provide two modes of communicating results with others.  at times the entire class will participate in a demonstration of a new procedure, collection of data and discussion of common errors and complicated features.

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