“Innovation” is the introduction of something new in the form of new ideas, methods, or devices and which create dynamic, interactive and nurturing learning experiences in both virtual/online and brick-and-mortar classrooms.

Jack Bologna

Since Siena Heights University is primarily a teaching institution, it is appropriate that the learning community honor outstanding innovative teaching by recognizing excellence within its faculty. The process for surfacing and celebrating outstanding innovative teaching involves all currently enrolled students and current employees in a nomination process. Jack Bologna taught at both the Southfield and Adrian campuses, and this award recognizes the innovative teaching of adult students. After committee consensus, the current exemplar of outstanding innovative teaching will be honored at Honors Convocation on April 28, 2023.

Any ranked faculty member is eligible who:

  • Has been continuously employed full-time by The University for at least one year prior to the process (this includes part-time teaching for Siena Heights University).
  • Has implemented innovative teaching tools/practice in her/his teaching.
  • Has taught adult students.

Those invited to submit nominations are:

  • All full- and part-time currently registered students.
  • All currently employed Siena Heights University personnel.

A committee will receive all nominations, review them, and select the faculty to be honored. The Innovative Teaching Award Committee will be composed of students and faculty.

Nomination forms for this teaching award may be submitted until March 24, 2023. Please complete the online nomination form to the right.

Jack Bologna Innovative Teaching Award
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