Welcome to University Fleet Services

Definition of University Affiliated Travel

Any travel which utilizes University funding, sponsorship or use of the name Siena Heights University.  Funding includes but is not limited to: scholarships, budgetary, payroll, reimbursement, grants, purchase card or University cash advance.

Things to consider when planning your trip

1. PLAN AHEAD.  Most paperwork required for trip approval has a strict time frame that must be followed to ensure your trip is approved and processed in a timely matter.

2.  ALL Drivers Must be at least 21 years of age and on the University Approved Driver List.  To find out if you are currently on the University’s Approved Driver List you may call the Welcome Desk and ask.  Person(s) planning on driving that are not on the University Approved Driver’s List must fill out the “Disclosure and Authorization Form” ( listed under the “Important Documents” on this page).  Once filled out forward it and a copy of your drivers license to Cindy Birdwell @ cbirdwel@sienaheights.edu.  This must be done at least 10 days prior to your trip.

3. The “Trip Organizer” must complete the “Risk Management Development Form” ( listed under “Important Documents” on this page) and submit it to Cindy Birdwell at least 10 days prior to your trip

4.  If using a University Fleet Vehicle be sure to enter your vehicle request into EMS.  University fleet vehicles are on a first come fist serve basis.  If you are a first time user in EMS please set up a user name and password here: http://shuems.sienaheights.edu/EMSWebApp/AccountManagement.aspx

Once you complete this step, Notify Robin Rumler at 517-264-7209 or via email at rrumler@sienaheights.edu and she will connect you with your division.  After that, you can log back in and make your request, as well as see what is available.

The calendar to check what fleet vehicles are available here: http://shuems.sienaheights.edu/EMSWebApp/BrowseEvents.aspx