Planning for Windows 11

IT Services plans to introduce Windows 11 to the Siena Heights University campus over a four-year period. This rollout process will ensure we have time to test, inform, and collaborate throughout the process to make this an easy transition from Windows 10.

Moving to Windows 11

Microsoft released a new version of Microsoft Windows in October 2021 named Windows 11. Microsoft at this time also announced the planned discontinuation of Windows 10, which is what Siena Heights University and much of the world uses today. Windows 10 will be supported until October 2025, and will no longer receive important updates afterwards. Due to this, IT Services has created a plan to migrate the university to this new operating system starting in 2022.

To learn more about Windows 11 and how it will affect you, keep reading below, and follow the help articles outlined.

Why Move to a new OS?

Think of Windows 11 as the next version of Windows. Many OS providers, such as Apple, Google, Samsung, and others, release updates to their operating system, whether it is MacOS, iOS, or Android, on a frequent basis. Windows 11 is just the newest version of Windows. To ensure our computers receive support and updates in the future, computers will need to be upgraded to this new OS.

When Will I Be Affected?

IT Services plans to roll out Windows 11 across campus in batches. We will first start with a few PCs to allow for optional testing, and then move into classrooms and offices. We will inform each area when the OS will be installed in classrooms and offices in their building.

Learn more about Windows 11

Microsoft offers more information on the new look and features introduced in this OS. View the official informative pages from the Microsoft website below.

Planned Implementation and Rollout

IT Services plans to implement Windows 11 in stages across the university. Initial stages will focus on having areas with both Windows 10 and Windows 11 to familiarize people with the new OS while giving them the option to continue using Windows 10 as needed. As we progress in implementation, Windows 11 will become the only supported OS and Windows 10 will be phased out of areas. We plan to focus our efforts initially in common areas, such as the Library, DH300, and Ledwidge common PCs, to show off the new OS and take in feedback.

A rough outline of this timeline follows:

  • Early 2022: Dominican Hall 3rd floor will house a Windows 11 mini computer lab.
  • Summer 2022: Windows 11 rollout to half of library PCs, all of Ledwidge common lab PCs. Volunteers can start asking for a Windows 11 upgrade to an office PC.
  • Late 2022/Early 2023: All Dominican Hall, MHB instructor PCs will run Windows 11. Residence Hall PCs and UC PCs will be upgraded to Windows 11.
  • Summer 2023: SCI classroom PCs and the PAC Piano Lab PCs will be upgraded to Windows 11.
  • Late 2023: All PAC classrooms and instructor PCs will be upgraded to Windows 11.
  • 2024-Early 2025: 100% Rollout of Windows 11 to campus PCs.

More information, including a detailed timeline, communication strategies, benefits of Windows 11, and objectives will be released soon.