Report Phishing with PhishNotify

With PhishNotify, you are able to report an email as a phishing or spam message to IT. This Outlook add-on can be found through the Microsoft 365/2019 application, webmail, and the Outlook mobile application available on iOS and Android. This add-on is available to all members of the Siena Heights community in an effort to better report suspicious emails.

PhishNotify in Outlook for Desktop

The PhishNotify add-on can be accessed from the Home tab in the desktop application when an email message is selected. To report a suspicious email, click one of the two buttons pictured to the right and you will receive a notification on a successful submission. Once an email message is reported, it will automatically be moved to your email’s trash folder.

If the message you are reporting is a simulated phishing email sent from Siena Heights University, you will be notified of successfully spotting and reporting the message. If the message is not a simulated phishing email, you will be notified the email has been reported to IT, and we will look into the message further.

PhishNotify Icons

PhishNotify in Outlook on the Web

PhishNotify is also available when using Outlook on the web. For reference, the web version of Outlook is available at

You can report an email message as a phishing attempt/spam by clicking on the three dots (…) on the top-right of the message body. From here, you’ll be presented with a dropdown featuring various options. PhishNotify will be close to the bottom of this menu with a red fish icon.

After reporting an email message as phishing, a sidebar will open on the right-side of the screen with he status of your submission. Once the email has successfully submitted, you will be presented with a message and an option to move the item to your Deleted Items folder.

PhishNotify location on Outlook for web
Reported Email notice

PhishNotify on Mobile

PhishNotify is also available when using Outlook on iOS and Android. To access the add-on, please download the official Outlook application available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

To access PhishNotify on mobile, please view the video to the right for visual instructions.