IT Training For Faculty and Staff

In an effort to educate and combat the growing threat of phishing and compromised accounts, IT has enrolled all faculty and staff into an online training platform provided through InfosecIQ. This training platform offers educational videos on phishing, spam emails, compromised accounts, password security, and more.

All faculty and staff have been enrolled into this training course since early November, but with the substantial increase in compromised accounts as of recent we highly suggest all users complete the training now. Faculty and staff can view their InfosecIQ learner dashboard by clicking this link and signing in with their email address and password:

Emails sent from InfosecIQ will be from this email address: If a student, staff, or faculty member are caught in a phishing attempt or have their account compromised, they will be required to take a short 7-minute course on account security before access to their account is restored.

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