CampusPress Migration

Weebly Websites have been discontinued. Please refer to the website directory for up-to-date websites.
View the official Weebly discontinuation post here.

Siena Heights IT Services is happy to announce a new website service through CampusPress. CampusPress provides our faculty and staff the ability to create modern-looking websites with ease using the WordPress editor. This new system will be replacing Weebly and MySiena pages by the first half of the 2021 year.

Transition from Weebly and MySiena

All existing webpages on MySiena and Weebly will be going through this migration process. CampusPress offers more tools, better manageability, and modern technology to provide a better web experience for website editors and visitors. The initial migration has finished and websites will continue to be edited in the future.

Pros of CampusPress

CampusPress utilizes the website builder WordPress, which offers advances analytics, management tools, and a powerful editor to create and edit websites. These tools offer advantages over MySiena pages and Weebly websites in that they give more control and customization options to the editors. CampusPress provides plugins to allow for advanced accessibility checks, better user management, and other useful tools to make creating and maintaining websites easier than before.

For Academic Departments and Divisions and Student Organizations

CampusPress will be used for academic divisions, departments, and student groups when a website is needed. Most academic divisions and departments on-campus have a web presence through MySiena or a Weebly website. In both of these cases, a CampusPress website will be created with any compatible content moved over.

For Staff Divisions and Departments

CampusPress will provide a place for staff to provide information to the greater Siena Heights community. Most academic divisions and departments on-campus have a web presence through MySiena. These MySiena pages will unfortunately be phased out with the CMC replacement, making CampusPress a new home for these pages.

Migration Roadmap

The CampusPress Migration project has started migrating Weebly websites in December and finished the migration of these sites in early January. All division, department, and student group websites have been moved over while personal and miscellaneous websites are no longer being supported. If you were affected by either a migration or removal look for an email sent to you in the last month from

Phase 1 – Weebly Website Migration

Beginning in December 2020 and continuing through the end of January 2021, Weebly websites that are hosted at the domain will be migrated to CampusPress. Sites that are not being migrated include unresolved web addresses (404 pages) and personal websites. All other websites will have a CampusPress site created for them. Weebly websites will be run through a migration tool that attempts to export most content from Weebly. Support for Weebly pages will be dropped at the end of Phase 2 of the migration plan.

Basic content, including a homepage, contact page, and members page should be populated with correct information by the end of Phase 2 (April 5). Further information will be expected by the start of the 2021 Fall semester (August 18, 2021).

Phase 2 – MySiena Page Migration

The migration of MySiena pages migration will start on February 1, 2021. MySiena pages will be migrated over the first two weeks of February to better assist with any questions or issues that occur. This officially marks Phase 2 in the three-phase migration plan. At the start of Phase 2, pages on MySiena will have a CampusPress website created for them. Content from MySiena will need to me manually moved over as there is not an automatic process in place for migration. Just like Weebly sites, all MySiena pages are expected to contain basic information by April 5th.

Phase 3 – Adding Additional Information & End of Migration

Phase 3 begins on April 5, 2021 and marks the end of Phase 2. During Phase 3 websites are expected to continue adding content. More information pertaining to individual areas should be added along with any important information. An example of this information would be important documents, event pages, and anything else that has not been added from MySiena/Weebly that remains used and updated.

Weebly websites will be retired between July 2021 and start of August 2021 during this phase. Up to 2 weeks notice prior to removal will be given. As IT no longer has an educational license for Weebly, we cannot help in the recovery of websites or login details for Weebly websites. We recommend contacting Weebly support for Weebly-related questions and issues during Phase 3.

Most websites will be completed during this timeframe. For assistance in updating links from your old website/page to the new CampusPress website, contact Ben Robert for assistance.

Phase 3 will continue through the summer of 2021 and end on the Monday of Welcome week (August 18, 2021). It is important to have websites updated with information by this date so new and returning students, staff, and faculty will be able to refer to these websites. Any websites not updated will be delisted from our site directory on August 27, 2021.

Beyond Phase 3

All website editors and administrators will keep their role well into the future. This is to ensure every individual group, department, and division has access to their information and can edit anything as they see fit.

IT Services believes that every area on campus should have an online presence and allowing these areas to take control of a website is the best way we can assist with this goal. While not everyone is familiar or has experience creating and adding to a website, we believe departments, divisions, and groups know best what they want online and how they want it. We can assist with adding content, but believe it is the users’ responsibility to create and publish information pertaining to their unique area. Assistance with CampusPress will still be given when needed and can be obtained by calling or emailing the IT Help Desk.