Using the Footer Navigation

This quick post will help describe how to use the cross-site footer, the bottom-page element with quick links, university resources, and a pretty picture of Sacred Heart Hall, to navigate around internal resources.

The Cross-Website Footer

The Footer element at the bottom of every CampusPress internal website page
The Footer element at the bottom of every CampusPress internal website page. It can even be viewed at the bottom of this page!

The footer is split into two main parts: the ‘Quick Links’ section and the ‘University Resources’ section. These two sections contain a list of links that help you navigate between sites and resources. Below is a list of those links and where they take you.

Quick Links

This section is dedicated to the navigation of useful internal resources. These links help you navigate the overall CampusPress websites in the internal network we have.

  • CampusPress Main Page – The main site for the internal network hosting all of the internal resources. This site offers news, helpful links, and more.
  • CampusPress Directory – The page on the main CampusPress site dedicated to the listing and navigation to internal resources. If you notice your internal website is missing or does not have a link, feel free to submit a Help Desk ticket.
  • Office of Accessibility – The internal resource website for the office of accessibility. Find out important information related to accessibility options and more here.
  • Help Desk Ticketing – The IT ticketing portal used to submit IT-related requests and issues.

University Resources

This section is dedicated to the navigation of more publicly-facing pages of the University. Many links on this side point to links you may want to use to find out more information of the university as a whole.

  • Siena Heights University Website – A link to the official website.
  • Academic Programs – A link to the academic programs listed on the official website.
  • Faculty & Staff Directory – The page for faculty and staff information, hosted on the official website.
  • Contact SHU – A quick link to contact the Admissions office if needed.
  • MySiena Portal – The official MySiena student and employee portal used by the university.

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