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Testing Center Procedures

The mission of the Office of Accessibility (OA) Testing Center is to provide examinations to students registered with SHU in a professional, secure and accessible environment that supports academic success.    The OA Testing Center seeks to:


  • Facilitate paper and computer based testing for SHU students registered the Office of Accessibility;
  • Provide a testing space that promotes a positive testing experience for students through a clean, comfortable, quiet and user-friendly environment;
  • Recruit and retain support staff and proctors for active monitoring of testing;
  • Collaborate with faculty and staff, other institutions of higher education, and the National College Testing Association (NCTA) to stay up to date on the most recent changes and Best Practices in testing and change our procedures accordingly.

Hours of Operations
Currently by Appointment Only. Please contact Cody Mathis, cmathis1@sienaheights.edu.

Students Scheduling an Exam:
Any student can request testing services, granted this is approved by their professor (usually for make-up exams, or special situations). Students must have a Letter of Accommodation showing approval of any requested testing accommodations to use accommodations on testing.

  • Regular exam requests are scheduled to the right, at least five days before the date of regular exams and ten days prior to final exams with preference being given on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on available slots. Students are encouraged to schedule the entire semester in advance.
  • Late exam requests are made if the request is in less than five days before the exam date. Students making last-minute test requests should be prepared to take the exam with their class unless notified by the OA Testing Center that the late request has been approved.

Note: Students are expected to take the exam at the same time as the class. If an alternative time is needed, a request will be sent to receive approval from their professor prior to finalizing the appointment for an exam.

*​Cell phone, smart watches, backpacks and other personal belongings are not permitted in the testing areas. 

Faculty/Staff Who choose to schedule their own tests (rather than have student schedule):

​Test proctoring is available on Adrian’s SHU campus, as a service to the campus community. You are welcome to use the Testing Center to have external proctoring on exams for students. As an alternative to using Testing Center services, you may choose to proctor your own exams, even for students with approved accommodations. Please ensure you can provide the requested accommodations before proctoring exams (i.e extended time, distraction-reduced environment, or reader/scribe). 

Faculty using testing services are requested to submit exam requests at least seven days in advance. When an exam request is received and scheduled by the Testing Center, you will receive an email confirmation. This confirmation will include exam scheduling detail and exam delivery/upload instructions for those that desire the electronic delivery option.

Faculty are advised to schedule exams within the same time-frame that the exam is being given in class, unless an alternate agreement is made.  If utilizing Testing Center accommodations, please make sure that your test is delivered one of the following ways:

  • by hand to the Office of Accessibility, University Center 211
  • by email, cmathis1@sienaheights.edu (Scan or attach a copy of your test and it can be printed or administered online)
  • ​through inter-office mail, ATTN: Cody Mathis, University 211

**Students are not allowed to pick-up/deliver their own tests unless arranged in advance with OA**

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