Disability Services/Accommodations Request Process

Requests for Accommodations
Siena Heights University welcomes students with disabilities, and will work toward meeting their needs by providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations to those students with documented disabilities.

To be eligible for disability related services, students are responsible for identifying themselves and disclosing information about the disability to the Office of Accessibility during the enrollment process. Students are also responsible for supplying written documentation, via required forms. The university is not required to provide accommodations until the student has provided documentation of a disability (via HIPPA-secure fax, 833-413-2849, via online submission, or via email accessibility@sienaheights.edu).

“Disability” under the ADA is a very broad term that encompasses visible and invisible disabilities—everything from mobility differences to mental health to dorm needs to modified testing spaces.  There are even provisions for temporary disabilities, such as broken bones, surgeries, mental health, chronic illness flare-ups, and longer lasting acute illnesses like mono, or influenza.

Each student who requests accommodations must meet with the someone in the Office of Accessibility to discuss their individual needs. OA can provide a variety of services for the student including:

  • Creation of a Letter of Accommodation to give to faculty detailing accommodations
  • Assistance in obtaining accommodations on-campus/co-curriculars, if needed
  • Guidance and advising related to coursework and career options, which take into account the impact of the disability (self-advocacy, not academic advising. For academic advising please click here).
  • Referral to on-campus and off-campus community agencies for assistance with disability related needs not directly associated with participation at SHU. 

The following accommodations are some, but not all, of the accommodations available to Siena students with documented needs:

  1. Special testing conditions such as extended time for exams, distraction-free exam locations, a scribe or reader
  2. Permission to record lectures and discussions (audio only)
  3. Permission to use a calculator
  4. Study skills classes and workshops
  5. Class substitutions necessary for degree completion, as long as the substitution does not substantially alter the requirements of the student’s degree program, as determined by the program coordinator in tandem with OA

You can begin this process two ways:

1. Download and complete the following form:

Documentation of disability forms should be signed by a licensed physician, psychologist, or other mental health or medical professional with experience in diagnosing the disability for which the student is requesting accommodations. A complete Individualized Education Plan (IEP) signed by the student’s school psychologist may also be considered documentation of a disability.  Documentation provided by the student’s physician, psychologist, or school psychologist should include information regarding the onset, longevity and severity of symptoms, as well as the specifics describing how it has interfered with educational achievement. 

​These documents can be emailed, faxed, or delivered, but should be given only to the Office of Accessibility and not another person on campus.


2. Start the process and have forms emailed to you by filling out the form below:

Request for Accommodations
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