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Request Media Captioning

The media lab can assist students, faculty, & staff with producing quality and accessible captioned media. Please refer to the form below to submit an online request, for captioning your work. You may find additional information and guidance in the FAQ link below.

It is important to plan proactively. Due to the significant amount of time required to produce captioned media, requests should be submitted as early as possible. All requests will be evaluated and assigned priority by the Media Lab Technician in consultation with DSS Staff.

Editing captioned videos uploaded to YouTube: *Special instructions during COVID-19: If it is possible for you to edit/correct your YouTube media uploads, we are asking that you do that. Here is a brief tutorial explaining how to correct and edit your media, specifically videos uploaded to Canvas Studio or YouTube.

Making a Request: All requests must be done online (via the Media Captioning Request Form, below).

Priority: You will be asked to select the priority your media falls under (High or Low)- See the table below for guidance, please find your situation, before you choose low or high on the form below. Once your request has been received, your media will be logged and captioning will be completed, as soon as possible.

Low PriorityHigh Priority
Needed for a semester more than a month away.
 Only need review of existing captions.
 One time use of media (non-recurring semester to semester)
 Smaller group that will view
Need media within a month of submission (immediate release)
 Is intended for the public to view (large group of views)
 There are documented students in an upcoming course who need captioning.
 The submitted media is recurring in your course or department.

FAQ: Our FAQ provides general information and guidance for students, faculty, and staff in regards to creating or obtaining quality captioned media.

Assistance: If you require assistance (ie., obtaining publisher permission, determining whether captions are quality, any steps in the above process, etc.) or have any questions, please reach out to Cody Marie Mathis, 517-264-7683,

Caption Request Form

Captioning Request
If you are not the creator of this media, have you requested permission from the publisher to use/caption this media?
Is the captioned version of this digital content available for loan/rental/sale?
Is this request in response to a disability-related request, or Letter of Accommodation notice?
Media Type

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